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Overnight video editing services


Overnight Edit creates videos for SPORTS RECRUITING, SPORTS MEMORIES and more
Send us your footage, your academic and athletic information, we will send you the finished video for your approval, then send link to coaches.


special launch prices on video production
Editing Package A - Starting at $99

Edited Video up to 2 minutes in length. Based on supplied client footage or imagery, script or edit list and audio files. Turnaround Time approximately 1 - 2 days.

Editing Package B - Starting at $249

Edited Video 2 to 4 minutes in length. Based on supplied client footage, script or edit list and audio files. Turnaround Time approximately 1 - 3 days.

Editing Package C - Starting at $449

Edited Video up to 8 minutes in length. Includes Original Script written by OE based on Client or OE concepts. Once script is approved, video based on client original footage, audio to include Professional Narration provided by OE. Choose from a list of sample voices for the right fit for your project. Music Track provided by client or from OE Music Sample Folder. Turnaround Time approximately 1 - 4 days.

Production Package

Call for quote. We have full production services from the most basic to the highly elaborate.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Testimonials for overnight video editing

OVERNIGHT EDIT creates Recruitment Videos for my Volleyball players and edits game footage so that I can determine what I need to do to become a better coach for my players.”

Trevor Julian, Coach, LAVA (Los Angeles Volleyball Academy)


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