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Overnight video editing services

About Overnight Edit

Overnight Edit is run by a team of video professionals each with decades of experience in editing, writing, graphics creation, animation and film making in general. Their experience includes broadcasting, promotion, advertising, marketing, programming and SEO.


About Neil Healy

Neil Healy - Overnight EditNeil Healy has a long career as Executive Producer, Director, Writer and Editor of video and film projects.

Currently, Mr. Healy is writing and producing a television series on Teenage Basketball Legends, and is the Executive Video Producer for the John R. Wooden Course, the official curriculum, based on the values, principles, and wisdom of legendary UCLA basketball coach, teacher, author and philosopher, John R. Wooden.

Mr. Healy began his career working in broadcasting, holding various positions including news writer, editor, camera operator and later a staff Technical Director for ABC Television. His assignments included filming both Democratic and Republican National Conventions, as well as providing Olympics coverage for the network. His assignments for ABC were as varied as covering politics for ABC News during presidential campaigns and conventions as well as doing sideline camera work for Monday Night Football.

His work includes winning Emmy Recognition as a writer for “Faces of Culture,” a celebrated series on anthropology; and “Marketing,” about highly successful business strategies. All series aired nationally. He also wrote and produced “The Super Bowl Experience” the story behind the first Super Bowl. He has written and produced hundreds of video and film projects for digital and web-based clients.

After attending Georgetown University and the San Francisco Art Institute, Mr. Healy graduated from the American Film Institute with a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting.

In 2016, Healy founded Overnight Edit, a national, internet-based editing and production site featuring convenient uploading and downloading of video content. Clients come from Entertainment, Sports, Business and Education.



  1. What do I do if there’s not a package offered that fits my video needs?
    Overnight Edit will customize a package just for you. Contact us.
  2. How large a file can I upload through the Overnight Edit Upload portal?
    Up to 10 gigabytes. Any larger call us for assistance.
  3. What if I feel the narration or music samples don’t work for me?
    Contact us and we’ll give you more options.
  4. How does the Free Video Toolkit work?
    Just sign up and you’ll be getting monthly information, articles or videos from us to keep you up to date on video production and post production. Sign up for our FREE VIDEO TOOLKIT.
  5. How does the Script Template work?
    Click on the highlighted words and you’ll get a script template you can download for writing your script.



Here are a few testimonials from our many satisfied clients.

Testimonials for Overnight Edit

Gil Cargil
Cargill Consulting Group

Testimonials for Overnight Edit

Allan Shakleton
LA Steelcraft

Testimonials for Overnight Edit

Nabil Mardini
Head Coach, Pierce College
Director of Los Angeles Volleyball Association

"OVERNIGHT EDIT always provides me with excellent video footage of my helicopter support services, whether in the air or on the ground."

Phillip G. DiFiore,
President, Rotorcraft Support
Van Nuys, California

"OVERNIGHT EDIT works with us on a day-to-day basis creating videos that are always exactly what we need and much more than we expect."

Myron Curry
Business Training Media,
leading provider of Corporate Training
Encino, California

"OVERNIGHT EDIT helps us create videos that document the Second Level Roadway project at LAX which we designed and on which we were Executive Architects. Their videos showed the scope of the work and all the factors that went into the creation of this memorable project."

Gin D. Wong,
Founder and President of Gin Wong Associates
Los Angeles, California

"OVERNIGHT EDIT is the best and easiest way to create sales videos that help companies enhance their market presence."

Gil Cargill,
Founder and President of Cargill Consulting Group, Los Angeles, California

"When we released our new product, we made certain to have OVERNIGHT EDIT create the landing page video and the 30-second spot. They got it done fast and creatively."

Mark Gerhardt,
Gerhardt Stamping
Burbank, California

"OVERNIGHT EDIT is responsible for providing our agency with powerful, effective videos that give our clients the ability to communicate with their markets and rise to top positions in their Google rankings for their industry.”

Judy Lin,
Founder and President of Market Insight,
Newport Beach, California

OVERNIGHT EDIT creates Recruitment Videos for my Volleyball players and edits game footage so that I can determine what I need to do to become a better coach for my players.”

Trevor Julian
Coach, LAVA (Los Angeles Volleyball Academy)

Testimonials for overnight video editing

"When we released our new product, we made certain to have OVERNIGHT EDIT create the landing page video and the 30-second spot. They got it done fast and creatively."

Mark Gerhardt, Gerhardt Stamping
Burbank, California


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