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How To Make A Great Sports Recruitment Video

by: Neil Healy

If you're looking to get into a good college or, better yet, using your athletic abilities to earn an athletic scholarship, you need to have a Recruitment video to open the door for you. Here are some key points to follow when creating that video.

  1. Think about the coaches who will be viewing your Recruitment video. What do they want to see? For this point, you need to perform some due diligence: ask your high school or club coach about what skills are expected at the college level. Ask former teammates who’ve received athletic scholarships if their coaches prefer highlight reels or a video showing your special skills – what’s their favorite way to evaluate future athletes?
  2. Once you learn what specific college coaches are looking for, it’s time to collect footage of you in action. Ask your coaches, teammates or team parents if they have any game footage that includes you.
  3. Your first screen should be your contact information, as well as a professionally shot photo or head shot. These tell the coach you are serious and organized about your sport and respect his time as well. Be sure to include your height, weight, your jersey numbers (high school and club), pertinent statistics, awards, teams and team colors, team accomplishments and information about your league.
  4. If it’s a highlight clip package that is preferred, your best plays should come first. Remember: coaches see many videos, so you have a limited time to grab their attention.
  5. If it’s a special skills video, make sure you get clear footage featuring you performing a variety of skills, shooting, passing, dribbling, blocking, offense, defense – whatever skills comprise your sport. You have a chance to show what you can do, and now is the time to show it.
  6. Keep your video simple! Music is not needed, but if you feel compelled, keep it low-key and at a low volume. (This includes crowd noise and other ambient sound as well.) Thinking about the coaches’ ears and how many of these recruitment videos he will be viewing! Also, stay away from fancy video effects – they distract the viewer from what you can do!
  7. Use the best quality video possible. If your clips are muddy and indistinguishable, leave them out. Use indicators such as arrows or shadows at the beginning of the video to indicate who you are.
  8. Post your video online using YouTube or a specific recruiting site. Everybody is familiar with YouTube and you can easily send links to whomever is on your list or asks to see your video.

Good luck and remember you have a leg up on many athletes who never get around to showcasing their work. You took the effort. You reap the reward.

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OVERNIGHT EDIT creates Recruitment Videos for my Volleyball players and edits game footage so that I can determine what I need to do to become a better coach for my players.”

Trevor Julian, Coach, LAVA (Los Angeles Volleyball Academy)


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